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I propose intercultural coaching for companies. In international cities such as Hong Kong,  companies with culturally diverse teams are very common.

While working in Switzerland, France, England, United States, Hong Kong and Shanghai, I was able to notice the negative impacts of team members unable to understand each other. More and more studies are looking into this subject and are demonstrating the various issues caused by it, regardless of the nationalities that are involved.


I am convinced that from enabling a better understanding and communication amongst the team members, companies have everything to gain: better team cohesion, a better working atmosphere and better goal settings. So ultimately better efficiency and better performance. The idea is to transform cultural diversity into a real asset.

What I offer is group coaching, for your entire team, in order to help understanding one another, restore communication and improve cohesion.

Contact me here to enjoy your first personal free session (in the contact section).

We can then determine an offer tailored to your situation and your business.

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