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Who I am 


Hello and welcome on my website!

Let me introduce myself: I am Coralie De Groote, professional coach, and I guide you through your career change; from professional rebalancing to professional retraining.


I have always had the heart to help people and to put human relationships at

the center of my life. For me, there is nothing more rewarding

than opening up to others, to their uniqueness and their difference.


This open-mindedness and attraction to all people and cultures were instilled in me from birth, thanks to my multicultural origins.

Later this thirst for discovery was nourished by numerous trips and meetings with people from all walks of life. And also by working over ten years in the luxury industry, where I had the chance to practice the beautiful profession of watchmaker in six different countries, spread over three continents. Including my last job: during three years, I discovered the pleasure of expatriation in Hong Kong.


​Then I felt the need to realign myself with my deep aspirations and I started a professional retraining.

Coaching became little by little the obvious choice: I can thus benefit from my empathy, my hypersensitivity and my understanding of others and their functioning. (As soon as the age of 16, I was already assessing the personality of my family members and friends.)


Now, I want to encourage and enable empowerment for everyone.


And which better way than through professional empowerment?

For me, every one of us has the right to enjoy (again) the career path where we find fulfilment, where we wake up motivated and happy.

I will help you understand what makes you tick.

After being certified and recognized as professional MasterCoach level 2 by the International Coaching Institute of Geneva, I design today a 100% tailor-made coaching and perfectly adapted tools for each coachee.


​ I work now in accordance with the values ​​that are dear to me:

- tolerance: together we will build a judgement-free relationship,

- caring: we will move forward together with total mutual respect,

- autonomy: I will thus make my contribution to empowerment of everyone.



As member of the International Coaching Federation, I also fully share their values ​​and I respect their code of ethics.

Read more about my services:

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