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Why coaching

  • If you are looking forbetter efficiency,

  • if you have obstacles to overcome,

  •  if you want to achieve an ideal situation,

  •  if you have a dream in mind:


→     coaching is the support you need.

Coaching is a personalised and tailor-made process to help you precisely define your ideal situation (both personal and professional) and achieve it in a short and effective manner. You will be able to take a step back, analyse the situation differently and act with more power. While boosting your motivation to the maximum.

I will be your partner on this path, a support for your personal fulfilment and development. Your ally for change.

Throughout the way, we will readjust the actions to best adapt to your current situation and build your projects. And I will be by your side every step of the way to help you overcome any blockages you may encounter and congratulate you on the accomplished work.

First of all, I offer you a preliminary telephone interview: we will be able to determine what you personally need, and have a first approach to see if we're getting along well and the working conditions are suitable.

Then together we will:

  • Set a date to achieve this dream: it will become our goal.

  • Break down the goal into several stages: it will be our tailored plan.

  • Support this plan by actions to concretely set in motion and achieve the goal.

So the dream becomes reality. This is the essence of coaching.

"Turn your life into a dream, and a dream into reality."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry        




- From a subcontractor: A coach is not at your side to do things for you.

I commit to the means, so that you have all the cards in hand to move foward as best and as far as possible. Cards which will also be useful for you to face other future challenges. The results are then up to you.

- From a therapist: A coach will not look at your past.

Coaching is fundamentally a forward-looking process. I will not help you to understand your past but to fertilise your present for a fruitful future.

- From an advisor: A coach does not tell you what to do, or how.

I will keep a neutral and non-judgmental gaze. I will be there to push you into your thinking through intense listening and powerful questions. To alternately mirror the situation or open up new horizons.

Read more about my coaching services:

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