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Coaching for the Liberation of Negative Emotional Prints.

To help my clients to overcome their blockages and manage their negative emotions, I am trained in the CLEEN method.

This particularly effective method requires specific know-how and applies to both children and adults. Releasing negative emotions in certain situations, in two or three sessions maximum is possible. Convincing results accompanied by a rebalancing and a recovery of ones emotions.

A non-exhaustive list of situations that can be solved with CLEEN:

- Stress, anxiety (facing exams, a professional change, a job interview, a move, public speaking ...)

- A phobia (fear of air travel, heights, claustrophobia, fear of snakes, etc.)

- Ill-being following personal or professional conflicts

- Irascible, anger and uncontrollable behavior

- Sadness

- Stuttering


- Guilt

- Etc.

An emotion, whatever it is, is healthy as long as it does not take precedence over reason, by becoming mechanical, too strong or inhibiting. It becomes negative when it takes precedence over logic and puts us on “auto-pilot”. We then lose control. CLEEN allows you to solve problems that plague you everyday, sometimes for many years, and to regain control of your emotions.

The CLEEN method is a powerful add on to your coaching sessions to help you progress further and faster.

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A bit of a perfectionist ... Between professional life and family, it's not always easy to stay zen. I quickly get overwhelmed by stress, something I also try to control! But is this really the solution?

The start of Coralie De Groote's session unsettled me a bit, but I quickly felt a real sense of well-being and let go! I think about it very often in stressful times. It is bluffing!

Coralie's support allowed me to take a step back and set limits, if the goals I set for myself are unachievable .... Why not say stop? Being perfect doesn't make you happy! Coralie's CLEEN program session helped me assert myself and regain serenity.




I failed an exam and called on Coralie to help me regain my self-confidence. While I was rather skeptical at first, I told myself that I had nothing to lose. In one session, I understood the consequences of my negative emotions on my behavior .


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A very beautiful session, Coralie listens first to target the work of the session, then she guides us little by little towards appeasement.  

For my part, a session was necessary to now manage better the following situations in connection with the session. I thank Coralie and I recommend!




Thank you Coralie for this Cleen session, for your welcome which immediately put me at ease, in confidence. I had a good time, discovering a different approach to managing emotions that allows me to better manage certain situations for which the techniques I was already practicing were not enough. Beyond the precise objective of our session, you were able to create the atmosphere allowing the essential letting go of the Cleen approach and Coaching in general, thank you again for what you bring.




When I decided to call Coralie for a Cleen session, I felt very anxious and worried about a situation at work that was bothering me a lot. I had heard of this method before but really didn't know that it would be possible to feel such a change after just one session. Quietly, Coralie was able to conduct the process in a natural way, without being intrusive. Gradually, throughout the session, the emotions and sensations I was feeling in my body began to release. I started to feel a lot more serene. In the end, I was amazed at the speed and efficiency of this method. The anguish and agitation were gone. Thanks to Coralie, I was able to have another look at what I thought was a problem at work.





A gentle and enriching introspection that I highly recommend to strengthen your anchoring or simply the desire to revitalize yourself after a period of fatigue.

Coralie's empathy, listening skills and support are invaluable in initiating change.

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