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Career Change

Are you questioning yourself about your career?



Is your professional environment getting transformed and it's impacting your job?



Are your personal values getting desynchronized

from your company’s values?



Are your motivations and aspirations

not the same as when you started ?



Your personal life is evolving and you no longer

have a good work-life balance?

Feeling/going through those upheavals and doubts is completely normal in our current society.

With a faster digital transition, globalization and a high demographic growth, the professional world is going through deep changes. And questioning your career path is becoming common.


The good news is :

it is never too late to change!

Build the future you’re dreaming of. Coaching is here to help you go through those moments peacefully, towards a professional future that suits you perfectly.

With CDG Coaching, you can:


Take the step back needed on your career and your professional interests;

Put your professional life in perspective;

Be aware of what you need for your future;

Access coaching tools, appropriate to your current situation;

Overcome your impediments and obstacles, and move to practical action;

Move forward in a fulfilling direction;

Embrace your full potential and reach professional fulfillment.








I offer coaching sessions of one hour, but also packages of 6 or 10 hours, for a more in-depth work.

Contact me here to enjoy your first free session (in the Contact section).

We can then determine the most suitable offer for your situation.

To know more :




I wanted to change my career for years, but too much fear was holding me back.
Coralie made me cross all of the barriers.
She knew how to help me work on each fear, little by little, and to overcome all my obstacles in order to take the path of retraining.

Now I have full control of my future. I am the free creator of my own destiny and I am ready to begin my professional retraining.

I will say only one word: thank you. Thank you Coralie for helping me move forward, for finding serenity in my choices and for allowing me to know my real needs and life goals.


7fa53239-b4a5-49e6-89c0-7806703180a6 - Copie.jpg

I had the pleasure to have 2-month coaching sessions with Coralie as I was at the initial stage of launching my social organization.

I cannot thank her enough for her listening, the suggested readings & tests, and the very helpful and thought-provoking sessions.

It has been a great training course period for me, during a time when I needed some clarity and mind order. Coralie's enthusiasm was very motivational and she has given me a lot to think about, with concrete writing exercises during each session.

I feel more structured now in my future plans and less anxious about the upcoming stages.

I recommend her to anyone who needs structure and to gain clarity with professional and personal goals.



Coralie is a caring coach, very attentive and her clear and effective method allowed me to move forward on my project from the first session.

She was able to put me at ease and give me confidence in my abilities by helping me set short-term goals.

Thanks to Coralie, I was able to project myself into the realization of my project, rule out certain leads and concentrate on the essentials in order to make all my ideas come true!


Thank you for this precious help.



My experience with Coralie was incredible.

With an absolute professional but friendly attitude, Coralie guided me through my professional life. It was a very pleasing experience.


I not only made some right decisions, but also learned the technique to make decisions rightly for my future.
She is absolutely calm and approachable and also nonjudgmental.

Thank you so much Coralie, I am very grateful for helping me in my journey.

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