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   Professional fulfillment is a journey.

                               Let's find your path together.

 You are never too old to set another goal,

or to dream a new dream.


C. S. Lewis              

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In need of an energy renewal
in your career?

We all spend so many hours to work, so much energy every week that it must be normal to feel valued at our job, to enjoy it and be professionally fulfilled.

We all deserve to be in a career path that we care about and where we work with curiosity and desire.

Moreover, every day, we are making/living new experiences, we are undertaking new challenges and through them, we are growing and evolving.


So it is normal for our priorities, our passions, our interest, etc. to change over time.


And it happens that a gap is created between your job
and your professional aspirations.


With coaching, we will fill this gap together.

You will reach a professional balance in your current career or I will guide you through your professional retraining.

You will rediscover your motivation, the path that fits you 100%, and which leads you to fulfilment.


All coaching(s) and tools used are tailor-made for every (single) person, depending on your challenges and your personality.


The CLEEN method is also used so you can move forward faster and further.

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Certified Coach

Certified MasterCoach level 2 by the International Coaching Institute of Geneva, I am specialized in career change, from professional rebalancing to professional retraining.

Coaching is the optimal ally to get fully started in your adventure, defeat the obstacles and make your project a success.

After moving from luxury industry to coaching, I understand the challenges you will experience during your questioning about your career or during your career change.

I will be on your side in person in Hong Kong or online anywhere around the world.

If you want more information about my background, it is here.


CLEEN Method:
Coaching for the Liberation of Negative Emotional Prints.

CLEEN is a powerful technique inspired amongst others by mindfulness meditation and NLP.

Thanks to this practice and my expertise, you will overcome negative emotions, especially when it wakes up  inside you "without your awareness". (All emotions are healthy, as long as they don't take precedence over everything else.)

CLEEN helps in situations of phobias, uncontrolled anger, anxiety, OCD, stuttering, guilt, sadness ... The list is long.

This brief therapy is suitable for children, teenagers and adults.

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Every week, new articles are written. They contain coaching tips, strategies to develop your full potential, methods to achieve your life and professional goals, self-development exercises, thinking about well-being. They are all translated un English and in French.

Find here our most recent articles:

Vous voulez approfondir votre connaissances des valeurs?

Vous voulez approfondir votre connaissances des valeurs?

Comment vous appuyer sur vos valeurs lors de transitions de vie ou de changements?

Let's talk about a fundamental aspect of Career Change: your Values.

Let's talk about a fundamental aspect of Career Change: your Values.

Don't like your job anymore? You can't find any meaning or purpose? You definitely have to check your values !
Vous n'aimez plus votre travail? Vous n'y trouvez plus de sens? C'est le moment de faire le point sur vos valeurs !

Wellness Retreat in Hong Kong

Wellness Retreat in Hong Kong

An online Wellness Retreat in Hong Kong, to help you fight the stress from the new restrictions.

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